Manual Transmission Repair, Service & Rebuilds

Certified Transmission San Diego specializes in manual transmission problem diagnosis, service, and repair. Our technicians are certified and professionally trained to offer you the manual transmission service you expect and deserve - at competitive prices. While automatic transmissions are the largest part of our business, we have manual transmissions in stock too waiting to save you time and money.

When it comes to transmission repair, don't just trust anyone. Certified Transmission has been serving the San Diego and the surrounding area for more than 14 years with a long list of satisfied customers. The transmission repair technicians at Certified Transmission are trained manual and automatic transmission specialists

We offer rebuilds and remanufactured manual transmissions for cars and trucks.

In keeping with our standards, each manual transmission is fitted with new gears, seals and OEM or better parts.

We have financing available so that buying a rebuilt or remanufactured manual transmission is almost painless.

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You can call us, mail us, or email us. Please fill out the following form to email us. If you provide us with your phone number, a professional transmission expert will be happy to call you.

Certified Transmission San Diego has many conveniently located transmission Diagnostic and Installation Centers throughout San Diego county. We are transmission experts and have been providing full transmission service since 1978.

Whether you are considering a used, rebuilt, remanufactured, or factory transmission - we have a huge inventory of rebuilt transmissions and automatic transmission parts, we can ship out of inventory, repair or rebuild transmissions fast.

All of our centers offer an expert diagnosis. This saves our customers a lot of money. So often, people come to us thinking they have a transmission problem when they don't. Why risk a wrong diagnosis? Get it right from the experts!

We listen and respond to customer feedback. We appreciate comments, questions and feedback from our customers or customers-to-be.
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